We, the Mentawai people, have developed our own ecotourism trekking system to help protect our Indigenous culture and share benefits across our community.


We’ve developed a system that allows you to see exactly where your money is being spent and how this will benefit the future of our community. By supporting Mentawai Ecotourism you contribute to a community-run model designed to protect our Indigenous culture and forest environment. As part of this, 10% of your total payment goes toward our community’s Suku Mentawai ‘Cultural and Environmental Education Program’ (CEEP).


Here is a simple step-by-step guide for those interested in exploring Mentawai’s Siberut rainforest and experiencing our Arat Sabulungan traditional culture whilst visiting Sikerei and their families. Click each tab at the top, steps 1 – 6:

Arrive to Padang and stay with one of our hotel or homestay partners:


Take the overnight or fast ferry from Padang to Muara Siberut:

Tuesday 7am : Padang – Muara Siberut at 1pm (Mentawai Fast)
Tuesday 3pm : Muara Siberut – Padang at 6pm (Mentawai Fast)
Wednesday 7pm : Bungus – Muara Siberut at 7am (Gambolo ferry)
Thursday 7am : Padang – Muara Siberut at 10am (Mentawai Fast)
Thursday 3pm : Muara Siberut – Padang at 6pm (Mentawai Fast)
Thursday 7pm : Muara Siberut – Bungus at 7am (Gambolo ferry)
Friday 7pm : Bungus – Muara Siberut at 7am (Gambolo ferry)
Saturday 7am : Padang – Muara Siberut at 1pm (Mentawai Fast)
Saturday 3pm : Muara Siberut – Padang at 6pm (Mentawai Fast)
Saturday 7pm : Muara Siberut – Bungus at 6am (Gambolo ferry)

*Overnight ferry Gambolo goes into dock for maintainence from time to time

Take a short motorbike or car ride to the Mentawai Ecotourism office:

One of our Mentawai staff will be waiting at the ferry port for your arrival and will organise transportation to the Ecotourism office, which is located approximately 1km away in the village of Muntei.

Mentawai Ecotourism


Take some time to read about what Mentawai has to offer and exactly where your money will be spent.

Arrive, discuss your trip, make your payment, collect your rubbish bag and English or Indonesian language tour check-list:

Begin your Mentawai jungle adventure!


Tour ActivitiesPrice in Indonesian Rupiah
Register your passport with local police50,000 per person
Capturing photos or video:150,000 per person
Commercial photographers/videographers:Contact us for necessary permits and fees
Guide (maximum 4 persons per guide):350,000 per day
Cook (4 guests per cook; role offered to the host family):150,000 per day
Accommodation in the port town of Siberut200,000 per night (per person)
Forest accommodation150,000 per night (per person)
Supplies (food, drink, gifts, etc.):250,000 per day (per person)
TransportationPrice in Indonesian Rupiah
Port Town (monga Siberut):50,000 per person (mototaxi or vehicle)
Maleppet village (5 minutes drive from port):Walk or 50,000 per vehicle (group)
Muntei village (10 minutes drive from port):200,000 per vehicle (group)
Rorougot district (3 hour boat/canoe ride):1.5 million (1-2 persons); 2 million (3-4 persons); 3 million (5-8 persons)
Rogdok district (4 hour boat/canoe ride):1.5 million (1-2 persons); 2.4 million (3-4 persons); 3.6 million (5-8 persons)
Madobak district (4.5 hour boat/canoe ride):1.8 million (1-2 persons); 2.8 million (3-4 persons); 3.8 million (5-8 persons)
Ugai district (5.5 hour boat/canoe ride):1.9 million (1-2 persons); 3.2 million (3-4 persons); 4.7 million (5-8 persons)
Buttui district (6 hour boat/canoe ride):1.9 million (1-2 persons); 3.2 million (3-4 persons); 4.7 million (5-8 persons)
Matotonan district (7 hour boat/canoe ride):2 million (1-2 persons); 3.5 million (3-4 persons); 5 million (5-8 persons)
Other regions:Enquire price options
Larger speed boats for big groups:Enquire price options
Cultural Activities
General activities (making loincloth, poison, sago, medicine, women's fishing, hiking, weaving):50,000 each or 200,000 for groups of 4+
Special Activities:
Hunting: *In Mentawai culture it is taboo for women to participate in a deep forest hunting expedition. With respect to their culture, women will be advised to discuss their participation with the host family first.100,000 per person
Mentawai tattoo (titi):Enquire as subject to size of tattoo. For example, the small shoulder star from 700,000
Teeth-sharpening (piat sot):3 million
Ceremonial dance celebration and feast (muturuk):3 million (1-4 persons); 4 million (5-8 persons)
Genuine healing or other ceremonial ritual:If you happen to be there at the right time
Additional activities:Enquire price for alternative activity
+ 10% toward the community’s Suku Mentawai Cultural and Environmental Education Program (CEEP)
+ 10% toward guide training and tourism office administrative costs ensuring you a pleasant experience
*NB: See checklist for who to pay directly and when.
*Disclaimer: Cultural activities are always dependent on the availability of resources and persons willing to participate
Currency Conversion Calculator


We’ve developed a payment system designed to prevent corruption and ensure all parties receive fair compensation for their contribution. To do this, we’ve outlined the exact cost of each component of the tour and who and when to give payment. We feel this method will provide a more meaningful experience and allow us to sustain our Mentawai customs and cultural ecotourism well into the future.

In support, we ask that you please follow the guidelines shown here and on your checklist:

A deposit of 30% is to be transferred after confirming details of your tour:
This secures the dates of your tour and enables the ME team funding to prepare transportation, key personnel and supplies.
Payment 1 is made to our staff at the Mentawai Ecotourism office:
This covers your police notification, transportation, food & supplies, guide and ethical contribution
If applicable, Payment 2 is made to the head of the host family (Uma) with whom you stay:
This covers your accomodation, cook, and a generous offering to the family or persons sharing with you their culture and forest environment
For further information and to reserve your tour booking, we recommend contacting us via the whatsapp number or email listed below in the contact section.


Whatsapp: +62 812-7512-8906 or +62 821-7009-6967 Email: tours@mentawaiecotourism.com or contact@sukumentawai.org  Office:  Jl. Raya Maileppet, Desa Maileppet, Kecamatan Siberut Selatan, Kab. Kepulauan Mentawai

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